UIAA 2009 Ice Climbing World Cup
2nd stage of Speed Competition
Mojstrana, 31.1.2009


The competition will take place in a natural gorge with artificially made ice. The height of the ice wall is from 20 to 40m and the speed competition will be done at the entrance with icewall height of 18 m.

The whole event will be in compliance with the ICCIC regulations, so please do not forget the licences!

The event will be joudged by international judges and monitored by a UIAA representative. Languages spoken will be English and Slovenian.


1.Batushev Pavel,Russia  1.Tolokonina Maria,Russia
2.Vukotic Matevz,Slovenia  2.Shabalina Viktoria,Russia
3.Gulyaev Pavel,Russia  3.Oleynikova Julia,Russia

Complete Results

 Overall Rankings Speed Men after first two stages (Saas-Fee & Mojstrana)

 Overall Rankings Speed Women after first two stages (Saas-Fee & Mojstrana)


Photo: © Ro┼żle Bregar
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